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Hucog or Chorionic Gonadotropin 5000 IU is helpful medication in infertility treatment in women. It allows in continuing pregnancy in ladies having infertility troubles and has no longer gone via menopause. HCG is a synthetic shape of glycoprotein hormone that develops in lady body in the course of pregnancy. This injection enables in fending off disintegration of the corpus luteum of the ovary and promotes the making of pregnancy hormone progesterone for continuing a wholesome pregnancy. 

HCG assumes to play a vital role in ordinary advancement of egg in female’s ovary and invigorate the arrival of an egg amid ovulation process. 

HCG (Hucog 5000 IU Injection) additionally useful in treatment of fertility issues in men as it helps in expanding the generation of testosterone hormones and sperm count. 

What are the medical indications of Hucog 5000 IU?

Human chorionic Gonadotropin is recommended in following therapeutic conditions like- 

  • Infertility therapy in females 
  • Expands sperm count in men 
  • Pituitary organ issue 

This medication ought to be used in supervision of a medical professional.

What is the manner of using endorsed dosage of Hucog 5000 IU Injection? 

Hucog 5000 IU Injection is used by medical staff in controlled Intra-solid (I/M) and subcutaneous course (S/C). 

Depending on the condition to be treated, the repetition of doses can be decided. 

In females for fertility therapy Hucog 5000 IU Injection ought to be used once a week. 

When you ought to keep away from Hucog 5000 IU Injection? 

The use of Hucog 5000 IU Injection is not recommended in following medicinal conditions like- 

  • Hypersensitivity reaction are suspected due to health history of patient with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 
  • Patient has been diagnosed with thyroid issue 
  • Patient is suffering with severe Migraine conditions or seizures or epilepsy 
  • Patient’s liver or kidney are not functioning properly
  • Prostate related issues or coronary illness are diagnosed 

What are the possibilities of drug interaction with Hucog 5000 IU Injection?

This medication can interact with following medicines and cause severe drug interaction affecting overall health:

  • Blood thinners-Warfarin, Heparin, and Coumadin 
  • Against epileptic medications Phenytoin, Phenobarbital, and Carbamazepine 
  • Corticosteroids-Dexamethasone and Prednisone 

Also let your doctor know about OTC medicines in use along with details of health supplements if any you are taking.

What are the side effects of treatment with Hucog 5000 IU Injection? 

General side effects with Hucog 5000 IU Injection incorporate emotional episodes, serious cerebral pain, breast tenderness, muscle torment, weight gain, tingling, ringing sound in ear, redness, and irritation at the site of use. 

What are the precautions to take care while taking Hucog 5000 IU Injection?

  • Never utilize decolorized medicine as it marks the contamination or spoiled medication that is completely unsafe for use.  
  • Pregnant ladies and mothers feeding breast milk to a baby must not use this medication without consulting a doctor. It can affect the health of baby in negative manner. 
  • This is not a medication that should be used without consultation. You should also consider taking appointment with a medical staff for infusion of the medicine. 


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